Special Interests

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I have  wide experience in all general paediatric problems but particular interest and expertise in the following areas: 

Toileting issues: 

  • Constipation,
  • Soiling /wetting
  • Bedwetting.

I have some Short videos explaining bedwetting, daytime wetting and approaching many behavioural issues 

Although these issues are often underplayed, they have devastating effects on children and families. By looking at the issues from physical, behavioural and psychological viewpoints it is usually possible to achieve dramatic improvements.

I have written widely on these subjects, including a book- Constipation Withholding and your child- a family guide to soiling and wetting. click  for details.  

I am regularly invited to lecture about these subjects, locally and nationally.

I appeared on the Channel 4 'Embarrassing Bodies Kids' programme- treating a child for stool withholding  to see a clip from the show click here  

Chronic pain/fatigue – including headaches and poor school attendance

Again using a very holistic approach,  I see a lot of children with headaches, and also those with more complex problems. I Work closely with psychologists , physiotherapists schools and teachers to try and restore normality to life.

Baby problems- especially the crying baby.

In these issues I take a systemic approach. it is hard to overestimate the importance to a baby of having parents who are happy and get some sleep. Don't Panic You Are having a Baby- looks at pregnancy and the early days of parenthood in a holistic way, focussing on the wellbeing of the whole family.